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What is chaga mushroom?

The chaga mushroom resembles a dark clump of dirt with orange tissue which grows on birch trees throughout the northern hemisphere. Some studies on chaga mushrooms have yielded a multitude of potential health benefits.

A powerful adaptogen, it can help to create balance in your body. It overall boosts the immune system, helps to detox, is rich in antioxidants, and helps you to focus without the jitters.

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Why we love chaga

We are a group of friends dedicated to finding new foods and new ways of eating healthy (albeit a bit self-indulgent). This ultimately led us to discover and create a line of delicious drinks with a kick to boost our overall health and well-being without sacrificing taste and aroma.  

As families with roots from Vietnam to becoming second generations here in the United States, our products closely align with familiar comforts. From strong coffee that can be paired with condensed milk (or simple sugar and milk) to milk teas and lattes that can curb your boba shop craving. But here’s the catch...they’re actually good for you due to our all-natural ingredients and the power of CHAGA!

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